Popular Visa Prepaid Cards:

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Visa prepaid cards are plastic ATM cards with a magnetic strip or a chip intended for cashless money keeping. Such cards are more reliable than cash. It is impossible to steal the card as it has a few security clearances and is protected by PIN-code.

The process of visa prepaid cards usage is rather easy. A consumer is able to reload the card usually in several ways after activation, for example throw direct deposit. These cards can also be called as reloadable prepaid cards. The card can be used all over where VISA or MASTERCARD logos are, whether there is an ATM, a terminal of payment or an on-line purchasing of goods and services.

There are two types of prepaid cards - debit cards when an owner can use only the amount of money that is on the card at the moment and credit cards with the help of which it is possible to use more money than there is on the card. The fixed interest is retained from the credit card for overdraft until the whole offset of debt. A credit report is formed on the assumption of the results of liquidation of debts. The credit report is taken into account during the next usage of overdraft. The client's credit report is not considered while using the prepaid debit cards.

The use of the prepaid cards provides several advantages. Tax refund can be transferred in electronic form to a receiver's prepaid card. Social security, unemployment compensation and other government benefits can be transferred to the card as well. After registration consumer receives online checking account and free credit builder. Companies rendering services of prepaid cards usage take little commissions that are usually lower than those taken from the bank cards. The complete list of taken commissions can be detailed from the company rendering services of prepaid cards usage at any time.

Visa prepaid cards are rather good for planning expenses and budget management of monetary funds. For example, cash remittance to your family, children, and students living in another city or quick international remittance, as well as just cash keeping and payment for products and services in a store.